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Lu Qi thinking car participated in the twelfth Taizhou electric car exhibition


[] the Taizhou auto show from March 20th to March 22nd, 2015 twelfth Taizhou (Huangyan) electric vehicle and spare parts Exhibition (Taizhou auto show) held in Taizhou International Exhibition Center, the Taizhou auto show in 2015 will continue to "good products - Taizhou", based on "new heights, pilot, electric motorcycle brand assembly, transformation and upgrading", vigorously the development of new energy technology, Taizhou is committed to build a new energy exhibition Chinese traffic trend of products featured exhibition.

[car] Luqi thinking the exhibition attracted a large number of electric car production, the electric car dealers, manufacturers are holding the first electric car of the Year feast, many new models in the field starting or listing. Similarly, Zhejiang Lu Qi Technology Co. Ltd. also unveiled the companys first self-developed products - Luqi F1, and advance two new products Luqi upcoming upgrade: two thinking car Luqi i7 and the first generation of unicycle Luqi i6.

[Luqi] watch the exhibition opening day attracted many viewers. The exhibition site is crowded, huge crowds of people. While Luqi thinking the car with a stylish appearance, exquisite body and novelty driving style to attract a lot of visitors come to experience driving. Whether everyone want to try such a new thing, have come to our staff to understand the situation. More of a small audience, driving up the mother behind himself playing the start.

The scene of the extent of the fire beyond our staffs imagination, visitors to understand the ensuing, more than a lot of the audience to buy a few cars directly on the scene. The first day of the end of the show, is a single site sold there have been dozens of Taiwan, there are two days of the exhibition, I believe there will be more and more people to understand Lu Qi, Qi Lu support.

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